Why vote for Grethe as chair?

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Mensa International is going steadily but slowly > it needs to speed up!
A more effective and faster reacting organisation; as a business leader I can realize this. We missed opportunities but now we can really grap the opportunities > gogogo!!!
Do you expect this from a chair of Mensa International, then vote for me:

  • More interaction between the national Mensa’s, more international activities and a better learning community.
  • Less re-inventing of the wheel: clear and findable communication and presentation of solutions found.
  • Next step in our International Leadership Program: develop it further to the benefit of all countries.
  • Transparency and accountability in decision making.
  • Focus on what matters (Mensa International has limited sources) and be good and visible in that.
  • An Excom team that cooperates effectively including generations and cultures.
  • IBD meetings streamed worldwide for all members to be informed and inspired.
  • IBD meetings that inspire
  • Have fun while working – laugh while you achieve things together, I love that! Please join me 🙂

Be a Mensa International king/queen and/or free…

Dam28-4-2013 The Republic of Amsterdam, as many people call this anarchist city, is preparing for a great party. In 2 days, on April 30th, our queen Beatrix will abdicate and her son Willem-Alexander will take over and that takes place in the midst of our republic! Our city that is already very busy at the ‘regular’ Queensday celebrations on April 30th, is now completely crowded with both tourists and locals.
You can imagine what a complicated project this is, in a city that has only small roads on the sides of the canals… this is not London or Paris but a metropole with the size of a village. However 1000 foreign guests, most of them needing high security, will be present at the inauguration. It is the biggest project ever for Amsterdam from the governance and safety point of view.

I have made a small movie at the Dam Square today in the midst of all the liveliness, to appeal to vote for the Mensa International elections before the 15th of May. Please have a look and if you like it, give it your feedback and spread the news!
Miniatuur http://youtu.be/Y5pjf2OvlIo (1,5 minutes)