Street cats in Adana (Turkey)

street cat in adana  Yesterday I wrote about the street cats in Cyprus; that they are somehow loved, although the fact that they exist in such large numbers shows that the Cypriots do not deal enough with this problem: In Adana, however, the situation is worse. It can be seen from the street cats’ behaviour, they are afraid. It was almost impossible to take pictures of street cats because they would run away immediately like this very small and sad kitten street cats in adana - kitten it really panicked, terrible; it did not think ‘hey here is a friend that will give me some food’. The only cat I could photograph quitely was a sick cat, also quite sad: street cats in adana
If we think that animal behaviour is an expression of local values, there is quite some development work to do in Adana – they can learn from Cyprus or from Istanbul where things have developed better already for street cats: When cats are either afraid or ill, local values need reflection!