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making the difference Making the difference

How does a Dutch author sell an English book? Last week I asked this question to quite a few of my linkedin contacts. In november 2007 my book Verschil moet er zijn about the critical success factors for diversity management was published in the Netherlands and almost immediately succesful. Recently it was published in English under the title Making the Difference. You can find it at the publisher’s bookshop and in bookstores like Amazon and Ingram. My experience is that publishers’ efforts to sell a book are limited – and I want my book to sell!

For the Dutch version of the book, it was more easy for us (‘us’ is my company Seba): we helt lunch meetings in different cities, I gave presentations, spoke on BNR, we had many customers interested in the book etc.

Now we are facing a new challenge, since Seba is based in the Netherlands and almost all our customers are Dutch speaking persons. So I asked for creative ways, ideas and advices to promote the new book Making the difference. The amount of tips coming in was heart warming, it is great to experience in practice that linkedin connections are willing to read your message and spent some time on thinking about it! What I liked most was the idea to have the book ‘leaked’ via Wikileaks 🙂

Many others adviced me to start a blog and twitter more so that the world can find out more about my ideas. Thus, by the end of 2010, this new blog is born…

PS A YouTube-film was made about my book Making the Difference. Read about it in this blog.

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