Creating your dream: Efteling

Creating your dream: Efteling

Yesterday me and my colleagues visited this beautiful Dutch Park called Efteling, in January even more attractive as Winter Efteling. It started as a project in 1952 to create in real life what was designed by Anton Pieck in his rather romantic drawings: a park with fairy tales and fantasy houses and castles.

I visited that park already as a small child with my parents with hundreds of other people. Nowadays, they are millions to come and see and enjoy, and the Efteling has grown, flourished and created so much more fairies and dreams.

As an entrepreneur it is encouraging to see what can evolve from initiatives when creative people have a dream and dare to make that come true in reality. Everybody dreams but the steps to creating your dreams in reality are often not made or proven unsuccessful. It must have been a very risk taking business for a person who’s core quality was drawing and designing, not running a park whatsoever – but he did it and it became a wonderful parc to visit for people from all over the world.

So my wishes for 2011 for everybody including myself is: may this be the best year for creating your dream and may millions enjoy it!

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