South Korean wisdom

south korean wisdom South Korean wisdom

What is unique about being a Mensa member (for Mensa, see or is the news and wisdom that can come to you from Mensa members all over the world. This week, a Mensa member from South Korea with a scientific background, enlightened us with this post deriving from South Korean wisdom, that you need to read twice to get to the bottom of it:
Once upon a time, a king ordered to execute a prisoner.
The prisoner cried and cursed that the king will suffer in the hell.
One of king’s subordinates said ‘You are too disrespectful to the king.’
The prisoner responded ‘I will be killed soon, I can say any word.’
Two subordinates returned to the king, and the king asked ‘Did he regret?’
One subordinate said ‘Yes, your majesty. He even prayed God to forgive you who ordered the execution.’
The king said ‘Hm, I must stop the execution.’
Another subordinate interrupted. ‘No, your majesty. It is a lie. He did not regret. and even cursed you’
The king said ‘I know that your words are nearer to the truth. But, his words sound better than yours.’
The subordinate appealed ‘Your majesty know the truth, but I am being blamed to tell a truth.’
The king said ‘He lied but he has a good intention, while you told me a truth, but you have a bad intention. Not infrequently, a lie with a good intention is better than a truth with a bad intention.’ At last, the execution was canceled.
Please learn from this South Korean wisdom and enjoy!

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