Left Handers Day and High Giftedness

left handers day Left Handers Day

Last weekend, 13th of August, was Left Handers Day, meant to raise awareness for the special needs of left handed people. 15% of the worldwide population is left handed and that can create specific problems, for example cutting with ´normal´ scissors – designed for right handed people – can cause pain in wrists and other joints. One research even says that left handers die 9 years earlier than right handers, not because of stress as they have to adapt all the time, but because of accidents with machines developed for right handers.

Nevertheless nowadays no minority has only problems, every minority can prove its positive points. Left handers, they say, are more creative because they had to be inventive already in their childhood. Research also proved that left handers are more intelligent than right handers: 45% of high gifted people is left handed, says Sander Reijn, a shop owner for left handed products, in Het Parool newspaper last week.

Well well: since a few years I am the chair of thé high IQ association in the Netherlands, Mensa (www.mensa.nl), with 4000+ members and how come we do not know. So I looked on the internet and found their website, indicating where the rumour comes from and that it should not be taken too seriously. Intelligent people can be left handed: the article mentions Barack Obama, Leonardo da Vinci and Johan Cruijff as examples. But the reverse is not necessarily true.

When will groups learn that their emancipation does not depend of the supposed extra qualities they bring, but of the courage to be just who they are and create the necessary societal conditions for that.

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