Nikhef meets Mensa

nikhef meets mensa  Nikhef meets Mensa

Last weekend professor Frank Linde, director Nikhef helt two lectures (for the price of one) for a Mensa audience. That happened because at the beginning of his lecture, he told that he had two lectures and asked the audience to choose. Mensans don’t choose if they foresee that lots of interesting information is coming up. And Frank Linde accepted the challenge, I think he thought the audience would get satisfied soon enough – but they didn’t. It was a great experience both for the lecturer and for the Mensa members. See the comments of Frank Linde here at his Nikhef blog. It is very funny and gives a great impression of the evening.

I was in the audience myself, preceding professor Linde’s lecture with the formal opening of that Mensa weekend as chair of Mensa NL. During the opening I gave away a puzzle of Japanese Mensa to the Mensa member who was first to solve a riddle. Frank Linde showed immediately great interest. He was intrigued by the Japanese Mensa puzzle – being intrigued the way he was, we call that: ‘potential Mensa material’. And he is right, curiosity is a joy and puzzles are there to be solved.

It is great that so many interesting people are interested in Mensa nowadays. We have transformed from a somehow inward looking club into an organisation open in full communication with the world. High intelligence can be fun: it is more appreciated now than it was in the past and both the world and the Mensa members themselves will profit from that shift of perception!

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