400 years Turkey – the Netherlands: closing event

400 years Turkey - the Netherlands  400 years Turkey – The Netherlands

Yesterday was the closing session of 400 years diplomatic relationships between Turkey and the Netherlands. The townhall of Rotterdam was beautifully decorated and hundreds of people had arrived for this event where according to my information the Turkish vice-prime minister Ali Babacan would be present. My invitation did not talk about the presence of Princess Máxima, maybe deliberately not mentioned but she was there too (try to find her in the photograph while holding her speech – it was very busy as you can see). Both Mr. Babacan and Princess Máxima helt friendly speeches, confirming the warm bonds our countries have.
Indeed the celebration year was a success, many contacts have been made (again) both between officials and business people. Mr. Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam, opened the speeches and showed great involvement with the relationships which – I know from my Turkish contacts – he also does at personal and business level in daily mayor life. As a citizen of Amsterdam, I found it a bit painful to see the mayor of Amsterdam Mr. van der Laan arrive one hour late. But he works very hard too for our city so he must have his reasons.
It was good to be there, to enjoy the beauty of the spot, the event itself and to meet many good friends again, all somehow involved in Dutch and Turkish business so full of energy and dynamics.

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