Mensa Fonds NL born yesterday!

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Mensa Fonds NL born yesterday!

I am very happy to tell you that the business meeting of Mensa NL yesterday supported strongly and with great enthusiasm the creation of a Dutch Mensa Foundation. The decision that we want a Foundation was taken at the business meeting 2012 and we worked hard to realize it during the last year. It was my dream already during a long time to create a Dutch Mensa Foundation, and it takes time and effort to win people and turn it into a largely supported and well worked out idea: and I could!
Mensa members really feel that some things in society concerning high intelligence should change or be encouraged much more. The aims of the Dutch Mensa Fonds are:
          show / make visible the significance of high intelligence for society
          support research and best practices to use high intelligence optimally
         create positive awareness about high giftedness and societal opportunities

A 4-year program has been made and quite some Mensa members have offered financial support!The Mensa Fonds will work within the Netherlands and only outside in cooperation with Mensa Foundations in other countries; sofar, just American MERF ( but maybe, hopefully other countries will follow. Mensa is such a beautiful project to work on!

Read here about the Awards this new Mensa Fonds hands out
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2 thoughts on “Mensa Fonds NL born yesterday!

  1. Ha Grethe en iedereen die zijn steentje bijdroeg en -draagt: heel hartelijk gefeliciteerd met dit succes! Hopelijk levert de positieve bijdrage waarover je schrijft.

    Hartelijke groet,


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