50 Years Mensa the Netherlands

50 years mensa the netherlands  50 years Mensa the Netherlands!
This weekend (and in fact during all 2013) we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Mensa the Netherlands. There is so much to be proud of! We are steadily growing, counting now exactly 4450 members. We are flourishing, almost every day a Mensa activity is organised so no Mensa member needs to be bored 🙂 What is really great is how members enjoy the intense contacts and great atmosphere in Mensa the Netherlands, as shows our new movie (in Dutch): http://t.co/XASeZ85SUi
Please enjoy the movie and when you’re a Dutch Mensa member: happy birthday! Let’s toast on many more beautiful Mensa years in the Netherlands.

Read also Mensa Fonds NL born yesterday!

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