Finals Mensa SlimmerIQuiz coming up

mensa slimmeriquiz finals  The finals for the Mensa SlimmerIQuiz are coming up! 26th November the University of Amsterdam, a Top 50 University worldwide, will host 23 teams of 3 kids in the age of 11/12 to fight the final battle…
The teams have already survived 2 prior rounds, the 1st round at their own school, the 2nd round at regional highschools supporting education for the highly gifted. Now the next step is Amsterdam.
Last year Mensa the Netherlands started this project for our 50th anniversary and it was a good and promising start. See also for a review from the point of view jury. In 2013 we started with 300 kids in the first round, this year it was 2500 (!) kids already.
Mensa NL invented SlimmerIQuiz to show that being smart is fun and that it is nice to be challenged. Well, the 2014 finals are not going to disappoint the kids. Not only will they have great and tough SlimmerIQuiz finals in an very beautiful place (, they will also follow a mini-lecture by Robbert Dijkgraaf, a leading scientist from both the University of Amsterdam and Princeton. That is going to be so interesting! Please find all info at and support our mission to appreciate intelligence as a source of challenge and fun.

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