95 year old man steals condoms

95 year old  95 year old man steals condoms

An interesting ‘fait divers’ in The Hague today. A 95 year old man stole a pack of condoms from a drugstore. He asked for shampoo for his wife but when he left the store he appeared to have put the pack of condoms in his pocket.
‘You don’t expect that from a guy at his age’, the shopkeeper said. Are the expectations of the shopkeeper based on experience or on prejudices? Is this a truth that cannot be denied or is this an example of age discrimination?
Anyway, the old guy defended himself quite well, showing a lot of anger and escaping twice before they could really hold him. Sounds like a guy who’s testosteron has not diminished yet… Although he declared that the condoms were not for himself, I wouldn’t be sure about it!
So the police was called as the store always calls the police for anybody who tries to steal stuff. Most stores do, nowadays. The police arrived and told the old guy that he was not allowed to steal, condoms or whatsoever. They warned him and then they let him go ‘because of his age’. The store keeper disapproved; should age make a difference in case of theft? Everybody should be treated equally, he thinks. I agree with him. All too often older people are not taken seriously. They should be in any aspect, also when stealing: be it shampoo or be it condoms 🙂

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