Ambassadors for ambition

ambassadors for ambition


Ambassadors for ambition was the title of an inspiring conference this morning organised by VIO: a center active for women who want to participate in society with either jobs or volunteer work but who are still inactive yet due to lack of language, diplome, network etc.

The approach was very interesting: a mixture was made of women with ambition on one side and representatives from education, local government and employers on the other side. Several dialogue tables were held where they could ask each other all the questions they wanted to ask like: what is your dream? how do I become a teacher? is it possible to make different organisations cooperate in order to help women realize their dreams?

It was very inspiring which is unusual as too much conferences are rather boring… Why was that? Because of the direct communication lines of all parties involved: it was possible to do business immediately, and in case that it was not possible, discussion would arise why not. Solutions were presented on the spot.

This morning has not just paved a path forward for women with ambition, but also created ambassadors for ambition. We learned today that in Amsterdam West there are 4000 women who could and would participate, but don’t at the moment: so there is a world of opportunities yet to be taken!

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