Gay caveman in Czech republic

gay caveman Gay caveman in Czech Republic

Archaeologists in the Czech Republic say that they found the first ever known gay caveman from Prehistory. Why interprete that our caveman was gay? Good question because, as you might suspect, only a skeleton was found so it could not be determined from his appearance or so. Well there are two main reasons for that:
1. he was buried head to the east like women always were, men were buried head to the west
2. he was buried with pots and jugs, not with weapons and tools like a real man would be
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News articles like these are really funny, they show us not a lot about Prehistory but all about perceptions in the 21st century. Why would a man that was buried in a traditionally women’s way be gay? What has gay got to do with femininity? Some people in the 21st century think that being gay is close to being a woman, but we haven’t got a clue whether Prehistory had the same kind of stereotyping ideas about masculinity and femininity.

I have another suggestion, I think our caveman might have been some kind of prehistoric karate teacher. When I remember my karate teacher, I still see the eyeliner and other make-up he used in a time when not one single man was using make up in the Netherlands and not one tough guy would support being in the neighbourhood of such a man. All the tough guys were talking about it but non of them would dare to say a word about it when the karate teacher was there. They’d just shut up and follow his instructions….

So I think the caveman was a some kind of prehistoric karate teacher who loved to cook and who didn’t care to be different. His power was so strong that even after his death they followed his instructions for burial though it was contrary to all traditions. Let’s face it: don’t we all just love this type of karate teachers?!

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