Gay penguins Buddy and Pedro

gay penguinsGay penguins Buddy and Pedro  

A strange news item last days: a couple of gay penguins in the Zoo in Toronto, Canada, called Buddy and Pedro, will be separated in order to convince or even force them to love female penguins more than they do now. Buddy and Pedro are supposed to be producing ‘offspring’ which of course is not happening while the couple of gay penguins stays together.
The Zoo’s comment is that there is only a quarter of a million of that particular penguins’ species left so the Zoo needs to do it: “The population is good but we have to be careful to ensure that all individuals or as many as possible have genetic representation within the community. This will maximize the chances of survival of the population (…) if Buddy and Pedro show no interest in mating with a female, they will need to be separated for a while”. see also
It sounds a bit weird though. Is it really the task of mankind to regulate animal species, even if the animals show no interest in it themselves? And how would this be for human beings themselves in the future. Suppose that we get a full blown war because of the nerves around Iranian nuclear ambitions, with nuclear weapons destroying it all, the USA, Russia and China fully involved… and many human beings die and our species being ‘endangered’. At what number will we be endangered at all: at 1 million, 20 million, 450 million, at 1 billion people left over? Who decides that? And then, will we decide to separate gay people in order to make them produce offspring for the sake of the survival of mankind…. mwah…
I propose we leave poor Buddy and Pedro on their own to do what they like. The technicalities of the ‘full genetic representation’ approach are a symptom of mankind imposing it’s Planning and Control System not just on organisations but now also on the world’s nature. Planning and Control can never produce more future life than true love itself!

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