Mensa member Angela Riddering publishes book about trust

presentatie veldgids vertrouwen  Angela Riddering publishes book
Wednesday 20th March, Mensa member Angela Riddering presented the new book she wrote ‘Veldgids vertrouwen’. You can find the book here:
We know Angela as a creative person. So the book presentation was in some misty place called Worm in Rotterdam, where the toilets were made out of plastic and the floor consisted of former Dutch Fortis Bank desktops. As a person from Amsterdam, I do not think I will ever understand the people in Rotterdam but I can admire them, though 🙂
Angela is one of those multi-talented people, she celebrated the presentation with a performance of her band playing the themes of her book in music. Music, the book, also her Mensa activities are just hobbies as she has a serious job in local government – or maybe the job should be considered as her hobby…
The book is very nice, it is designed in an original way and the structure is a real ‘field guide’ (veldgids): the different parts of the book can be read all by themselves but there is an overall idea and structure. After reading this book, you won’t say any more one-sided things like ‘trust is good, control is better’. Both trust and control get their place in management and governance styles in this book, and style choices can be made by the reader following the lines Angela and her co-writer Frans de Jong draw.
Thanks Angela, for another nice meeting and for offering a good new book to the world!

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